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Actor Blake Anderson helps introduce Cinco Equis, the official beer of Cinco de Mayo,in two new videos from the Dos Equis Keep It Interesante campaign

The most XXXXX-Treme beer* on the planet, just in time for Cinco de Mayo. *It's still the same Dos Equis beer.
Heineken USA
This Cinco de Mayo, Dos Equis is cranking it up to Cinco!
Heineken USA

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dos Equis is giving millions of Americans another reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by introducing Cinco Equis — the exact same beer as Dos Equis, but with three more Xs on the can.

The all-new Cinco Equis was created as part of the Dos Equis Keep It Interesante campaign, which encourages the act of taking a morsel of truth and enhancing a story for the sake of keeping friends entertained and engaged. By adding more Xs and unofficially claiming the throne of official beer of Cinco de Mayo, the beloved Mexican beer brand is wearing embellishment on its can.

“There are a lot of Americans who can’t tell you the history of Cinco de Mayo, but they certainly can tell you an interesante story about celebrating it,” saidQuinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Director at Dos Equis. “We created Cinco Equis because Americans are always seeking a reason to celebrate, and literally all we had to do was add three Xs.”

To coincide with the launch of the XXXXX-xtra limited-edition Cinco Equis cans — which will be available at select establishments in New York and Texas and eventually eBay at staggering re-sale prices — comedian and actor Blake Anderson ( Game Over, Man! ) is appearing in two cheeky new videos created in partnership with Funny Or Die. The videos — now available on YouTube.com/DosEquis and funnyordie.com — pay homage to the often misunderstood holiday and the unmistakably literal meaning of Cinco Equis.

To learn more visit YouTube.com/DosEquis and funnyordie.com .


CT229, and CT383 Mutants Trigger Cytochrome Release and Caspase Cleavage

(A and B) HeLa cells were infected with EBs for 18hr or treated with 1μM staurosporine for 4hr. Host cells were lysed and immunoblots probed with (A) anti-PARP or (B) pro- or cleaved caspase-3, -7, or -9 antibodies. The black lines in the panels for procaspase 9 and cleaved caspase 7 represent regions from the same gel and exposure spliced for presentation purposes.

(C) Uninfected or infected cells or staurosporine-treated cells were fractionated into cytosolic or mitochondrial fractions and probed with anti-cytochrome antibodies. Data are representative of at least two independent experiments.

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Because infection of host cells triggered caspase activation, we tested whether caspase inhibition with the pan-caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK was sufficient to rescue intracellular replication and prevent host cell death. Inhibition of caspase activation was unable to rescue host cell death ( FigureS6 x Download (.81 MB ) Document S1. Figures S1–S6 and Table S1 FigureS6 B) or restore intracellular replication ( FigureS6 x Download (.81 MB ) Document S1. Figures S1–S6 and Table S1 FigureS6 C).

Inhibition of host protein synthesis by cycloheximide restored normal inclusion morphology for CT229:: bla but had no discernable effect on incC :: bla or CT383:: bla ( Figure4 Figure4 A). Inhibition of host protein synthesis also prevented LDH release in cells infected with CT229:: bla , but not in cells infected with incC :: bla or CT383:: bla ( Figure4 Figure4 B). Inhibition of host protein synthesis completely restored CT229:: bla replication to wild-type levels but only partially rescued incC :: bla and CT383:: bla replication ( Figure4 Figure4 B). These results suggest that the mechanisms of CT229:: bla inclusion lysis requires a host protein synthetic response that is distinct from that associated with the other two mutants.


Insteon may not be as flashy as SmartThings and Wink, but the older ecosystem remains a compelling option (if frustratingly closed). Alexa can control products specifically through the Insteon Hub (2245-222).

Amazon's assistant won't work with any of Insteon's other hubs, including the HomeKit-compatible Insteon Hub Pro. With the 2245-222 and Alexa, you can control Sneaker smooth leather Hole pattern Logo brown Tom Ford 2018 Unisex Online FepX78kH7

Alarm.com is a dealer-installed smart home and security system—an unusual arrangement that takes the headache out of having to set up a smart home system yourself. At CES 2016, the company announced integration with the Amazon Echo, which will allow Alexa to control Alarm.com lighting products and thermostats. You can also use your voice to arm the security system.

Vivint is a professionally installed smart home and security solution that also announced Amazon Echo integration at CES 2016. With Vivint, Alexa can arm your security system and control lights, thermostats, garage doors, and even smart locks.

Even though it's a professionally installed system, Vivint provides arguably the best voice control of any smart home system, though rivals are catching up quick.

Nexia is far from a name brand, but the smart home ecosystem works with a variety of Z-Wave smart home devices.

Like Alarm.com and Vivint, Nexia also recently announced Amazon Echo integration for its system, but hasn't offered many details on which products will work with Alexa.

Buy now at Amazon

You've probably never heard of Universal Devices, but home automation geeks know the company for its Insteon-compatible ISY ( "izzy" ) hubs.

The company offers two hubs: the ISY-994i Series and ISY-994iZw Series . Both offer Insteon compatibility, but the latter adds a Z-Wave radio for those devices.

Set up Alexa integration and you'll be able to control lights, door locks, thermostats, and device programs, which make changes to multiple devices at once.

HomeSeer offers six different smart home controllers (or hubs) that are geared much more towards home automation geeks than average consumers.

With the HomeSeer Amazon Echo integration , users can ask Alexa to control lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, and security systems.

Simple Control is primarily focused on A/V and home theater control, but the company's powerful hub and app allow you to control many other devices including entire SmartThings and Insteon systems.

The system isn't simple (or cheap), but it allows for a lot of customization. Due to Simple Control's A/V focus, Alexa can control TVs , and even change channels for you.

Join us on a journey to transform 20 million lives.

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